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Glass door & shower screen are our specialty, we provide thorough evaluation of your glass door & shower screen’s requirements.

A Sliding Door is a two or more board installation that is viewed as a solitary unit. Otherwise called Patio Doors, it is essentially a substantial glass window that gives nook and access to the outside or between rooms. Other than offering the usefulness of an entryway, the glass board considers regular light. Sliding are additionally a great deal more space effective since they needn’t bother with expansion room to open or close.

A shower screen is an enclosure or barrier of some sort installed around a bath area primarily to prevent water from splashing on the bathroom floor. Splashing water on your bathroom floor during a shower not only makes it wet and messy, but also extremely dangerous as it’s a major cause of many falls and injuries. In addition to keeping your floor dry, shower screens are stylish and beautiful when nicely done.</>p

Frameless Glass are mostly used in bathroom, it gives your bathroom a contemporary appearance, exquisite and stylish. Fit out your bathroom with frameless glass to bring light, air and space into your bathroom

Our Tempered or toughened glass is a kind of glass which is utilized when quality, security and warm safety are highly important. Additionally alluded to as Safety Glass it is normally utilized when ordinary glass could represent a potential risk, for Tempered Glass is very nearly five times stronger than standard glass. An alternate gimmick is that it doesn’t break into sharp extensive shards when broken. Rather it breaks down into littler granular rock like lumps which are more averse to cause genuine harm.

One of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom since you do private exercises there. Washing being one of the common exercises, it causes a great deal of water to be sprinkled making the floor wet and dangerous. Wet floors have been a foundation for some injury. In this way, keeping the bathroom floor dry is absolutely important and a Shower Screen is the thing that serves to keep up that.

Kitchens today are the centre of the home and serves as a dining room, family room, and diverting space and additionally being a region for feast readiness. Thusly, kitchen outline is principal to improving the general request of your home whilst even now being practical with helpful storage room.

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