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One of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom since you do private exercises there. Washing being one of the common exercises, it causes a great deal of water to be sprinkled making the floor wet and dangerous. Wet floors have been a foundation for some injury. In this way, keeping the bathroom floor dry is absolutely important and a Shower Screen is the thing that serves to keep up that.

Window ornaments is the easiest type of Shower Screen, an ornamental plastic sheet swung from a bar which empowers you to restriction water to the washing range to some degree. But they are not exceptionally compelling since abutting regions may even now get sprinkled with water and furthermore they don’t give a slick and helpful arrangement. A glass or acrylic based screen with open-close mechanism is so convenient and it needs to be installed for a smart and clean look of your bathroom.

There are different types, shapes and designs of shower screens. Below are as follows:

  • Traditional framed Shower Screen with sliding mechanism. Commonly Aluminum or PVC casings are utilized with ordinary/designed sheet glass or acrylic boards.
  • Frameless Shower Screens where sheets of tempered glass are utilized with unpretentious fittings. These are generally introduced with Swing Door access
  • Semi-frameless – combination of surrounded and frameless sheets. These are uncommon and utilized as a part of situations where full frameless are not possible.

Shower Screen Shapes


  • Basic one end to the other style of screen which can is utilized to just segment your bathroom into wet and dry regions. Sliding & Swing Door access can be conveyed for this style
  • Corner Style Shower which fits into the littlest accessible zone and is organized with one altered and one/two sliding or swing boards for simple access into the shower region
  • Diamond or Curved molded shower cubicles, best for smaller space shower area.

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