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Ask any home owner about their favorite part of their homes and they will probably mention the bathroom. This is because it’s the one place they find relaxation and peace while refreshing their bodies after a long exhausting day. It’s therefore important to make this place as elegant and comfortable as possible, and one of the best ways to do so is by installing a shower screen.

Basically, a shower screen is an enclosure or barrier of some sort installed around a bath area primarily to prevent water from splashing on the bathroom floor. Splashing water on your bathroom floor during a shower not only makes it wet and messy, but also extremely dangerous as it’s a major cause of many falls and injuries. In addition to keeping your floor dry, shower screens are stylish and beautiful when nicely done.

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For many years, homeowners were restricted to shower curtains to separate the bath area from the toilet and prevent splashes of water from getting on the floor. Well, that worked to some extent, however, some water splashes still landed on the bathroom floor especially through the adjoining areas. Additionally, the curtains get a little messy when wet, and do not offer a neat, durable solution. For this reasons, many people have now resorted to glass shower screens.

Glass shower screens are available in two main forms: Ordinary standard glass screens and the Tempered glass screens. The Ordinary standard glass screens work fine but do not offer the desired durability and versatility, especially for large families. Tempered glass on the other hand can be up to five times tougher than the standard glass. Unlike the standard glass, tempered glass is designed to break into small, even, oval-shaped pebbles, instead of sharp and long fragments of glass when shattered.

So if you are asking about the best shower screen materials, I would say go with tempered glass screens, and here is why:



Glass shower screens generally look sleek and chic. They lend your bathroom a sense of class, modernity and cleanliness. They do not fight for attention with other design elements; rather, they make your bathroom space look more unified and polished by allowing other design objects to pop.



The tempered glass is treated to strengthen it and make it scratch and shatter resistant. With proper maintenance, tempered glass shower screens can last as long as your home. Talk to your contractor for more details on the warranty options available.



Some enclosures such as the shower curtains only come in a single design and size. Glass screens give you an opportunity to create custom enclosures for your bathroom. The element of customization becomes particularly useful when it comes to bathrooms with renovated showers. The glass will help you smooth out any irregular, tight or awkward shapes to ensure a seamless fit.


Low Maintenance

Glass shower screens generally do not require any maintenance beyond regular cleaning to remove soap residue and water spots. The tempered glass material will typically last longer than the door hardware, frames and other accessories.



Traditional shower curtains create a distinct barrier that will often make your bathroom look smaller. Clear glass shower screens on the other hand create an organic flow that opens up your bathroom and make it look larger. Glass screens also allow more light into the enclosure which can be very useful if you haven’t installed a light source over the shower.

With that in mind, you will also be pleased to note that tempered glass enclosures come in different shapes, types and screen designs. This gives you even more options to customize your bathroom and add more beauty and sophistication.

Types of Glass Shower Screens in Singapore

Frameless screens

Shower enclosures that utilize tempered glass with unobtrusive fittings. It adds a touch of class and elegance to any bathroom

Semi-frameless screens

Utilizes a combination of frameless and framed and panes. It typically features a perimeter frame only and a frameless door which gives you smooth contoured profile while minimizing residue and soap accumulation. They are often used in cases where a complete frame enclosure is not possible.

Framed screens

The framed enclosures offers an elegant but cost effective solution featuring a perimeter frame and framed door. The shower screen typically has a sliding mechanism with PVC or aluminum frames.

When it comes shower enclosure shapes and designs, you will typically find three common shapes; wall to wall style, corner style and curved or diamond style. The simple wall to wall design can be an easy way to partition your bathroom into dry and wet areas. The corner style can be great for secluding a bath corner in bigger bathrooms. Curved shower cubicles are great for making a limited shower area look feel and look stylish.

thing to consider when choosing shawer screens 

Taking material and styling out of the way, there are three more considerations to keep in mind when choosing the type of tempered glass shower screens to install. These include

shower screen in Singapore

Accessibility & Space

Screens will obviously vary in shape and length to suit different requirements. For instance, if your shower is extremely strong, you may need a wider screen reduce water splash while still making your bathroom look smarter. Space will also influence the type door to install on your shower enclosure. Screens that swing outwards or inwards make accessibility and cleaning much easier; however, they do require lots of space which is often not available. Folding doors on the other hand do not require any extra space, but looks and cleaning maybe slightly compromised.



Tempered glass screens are generally cost effective and durable compared to other material. However, the cost may still vary from one contractor to another as well as the styling and size. Shop around for quotations from various designers and work with your selected designer to come up with a design that fits both your requirements and budget.


Texture and Color

Tempered glass screens are generally transparent or translucent; however, there are various variations in texture and color that can help complement other materials, colors and fixtures in your bathroom. Look around your bathroom and let free your imagination.


Bottom line

Shower screens are a great way to add glamour and elegance in your bathroom while preventing messing your floor. They also serve to separate your toilet from your bath area and ensure your safety. The best part is they are easy to install, clean and maintain. Just be sure to choose the best quality tempered glass for the construction and durability should not be an issue.

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