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Sliding Door is a two or more board installation that is viewed as a solitary unit. Otherwise called Patio Doors, it is essentially a substantial glass window that gives noo

k and access to the outside or between rooms. Other than offering the usefulness of an entryway, the glass board considers regular light. Sliding are additionally a great deal more space effective since they needn’t bother with expansion room to open or close.

Commonplace Sliding Glass Doors will have a base track to encourage the development of the entryway boards. In spite of the fact that top hung sort can be utilized it is not prudent since Glass boards are substantial and its more secure and more powerful to have a base track. The restricted interlocking system between the boards guarantees that the entryways give complete scope without any crevices.




Benefits of Sliding Glass Door in Singapore


Perhaps you have given a serious thought of renovating your home. Maybe, you’re interested in creating movable partition within the home where currently a wall takes up space among others. Depending on the way the job is performed, renovations may be quite affordable, helping in renewing some sense of pride in home ownership. When you’re particularly thinking about doors, then installing sliding glass doors in your Singapore home might provide several benefits.

Sliding glass door Singapore is not necessarily for specific styles or beach homes only. When properly installed, they create striking element to your house. When you’ve considered getting glass sliding door Singapore to your home, the following are some of the reasons why you should go ahead with your plans:

  • Sliding glass doors are generally larger than their traditional counterpart. Thus, it allows easier movement of big or large objects in and out of the home. When you buy new furniture, or you need to haul in your Christmas tree without interfering with it, you will simply go through the larger space.
  • Glass sliding door Singapore brings in the natural light to the home. This might help you in cutting down energy bills when often you do not use lighting. Such doors are also considered to be green improvement to the house.
  • Sliding glass door Singapore might create an illusion of larger space in the house. The connecting room is going to appear larger, letting you to decorate so as to maintain that look.
  • Glass sliding door Singapore also helps in keeping out the elements- noise and weather-while still letting good visibility. When you need to keep eye on the children as they in your yard, you may do so through the glass sliding doors without necessarily having to join them.
  • Additionally, they improve the aesthetic charm of the room. You will get some sense that the home is more open, and at the same time secure.

Among the most useful aspects with glass sliding door Singapore is that people can customize the entryway so as to match the location’s remainder. The panels do not bring problems and they conveniently move on hidden tracks. The owner could nevertheless customize the finished project so as to make it more effective and attractive for the house owner. Using the items like mirrors, attractive wood grains, lacquered glass or combination of the three is also suitable for sliding glass door Singapore. The choice is with the owner. But certainly, he or she is going to be assured to love how a glass sliding can door change the feel of the whole room, and house.

Glass Sliding Door SIngapore

Aluminum Frame Sliding Door

Much the same as windows you can pick the sort of glass to match your home décor. Mixture of glass sorts are accessible – Normal Sheet GlassTempered Glass, Wire lattice Glass, Tinted Glass, and Patterned Glass. Concerning casings Aluminum metal edge are best suited since they are consumption and rust safe.

Despite the fact that acrylic board Sliding Doors can be introduced for Kitchen & lavatory passages, they are additionally the prevalent decision for sink cupboards. Glass board sliding entryways are normally favored for expansive passages since they will have no less than two boards. It is very common to find these in front and balcony entrances of house.


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The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Kitchen  Sliding Door

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen sliding door, you may want to think about installing a kitchen glass sliding door. But what are the benefits and drawbacks of such a door? In this article, we’ll explore costs, styles, maintenance, and privacy. After reading this article, you should be better equipped to make the right choice.


The costs of a kitchen glass sliding door will depend on the material, size, and style of the door. Prices can also vary if you have to replace the existing sliding door. The installation process may cost anywhere from $700 to $2100. Framing is also an expense and is not included in the cost of the new door. The installation cost will be less if you are replacing an existing kitchen sliding door.

Glass doors are available in impact-resistant and energy-efficient varieties. They can also be tempered or textured. Choosing triple-paned glass will add to the cost, but it will also help protect the door from debris and high winds.


The kitchen is the focal point of any home. It’s where the family gathers to eat and entertain, and it should be stylish as well as durable. Glass is a common element in modern house design, so it only makes sense that it should also be used for kitchen sliding doors.

Glass sliding doors are perfect for kitchens with a large floor space. They save space and blend in well with the rest of the decor. They also allow for ample natural light to enter the room.


If you want to maintain the beauty and functionality of your kitchen glass sliding door, you need to follow some simple steps. First, make sure that the glass is clean and dry. The door will be more easily maintained if you clean it regularly. You can clean it with a cloth or a putty knife. The weatherstripping, which prevents water and debris from entering your home, needs to be replaced from time to time. Alternatively, you can invest in a patio cover to protect your glass doors from the elements.

If your sliding panel is dragging, it could be caused by a hump or a dip in the bottom track. If it’s not level, you may need to replace the rollers. You may also need to lubricate the rollers.


A kitchen glass sliding door can be installed with privacy in mind. You can choose from frosted or clear glass. A security sensor will detect when the glass is opened. When it does, the sensor sends a signal to the alarm panel, which in turn will trigger an alarm sound and call the alarm company.

Another option for creating privacy on a glass door is using blinds. This can help block out the view outside while still letting natural light into the room. These are a good option for hotter climates. A more traditional option is curtains or drapes. These can be placed on two sides of the glass doors and can also block sunlight and UV rays.


A kitchen glass sliding door that is designed for durability should have a DP-50 rating, a standard becoming increasingly common along the East Coast. This rating provides an extra level of protection against impacts, while low-E glass adds energy efficiency benefits. A door that meets this standard should be easy to clean, maintain, and offer a good overall aesthetic.

There are many materials that can be used for a kitchen sliding door. Aluminum, for instance, is very durable. Fiberglass, another durable option, is plastic reinforced with glass fiber and treated with heat. It can then be formed into a smooth sheet. Fiberglass is known for its strength and aesthetic versatility.

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